The Mayors Synergy Challenge

Mayors make strategic choices and drive local actions. A strength of mayors is that they solve hard problems in a nonpartisan fashion. Connecting our mayors to each other and the best ideas on earth is a way for all of us to move forward towards sustainable development of our cities, communities and to come back better. 

The initial goal of the Mayors Synergy Games Challenge is to recruit 100 mayors to sign up to play by June 20. Sign up here. 

The Syngergy Games will provide these best of class ideas and solutions to the mayors for consideration in an online video conference we call a “Solutions Exchange”. 

 Do you want YOUR Mayor to join? 

We will host and broadcast “The Mayors Synergy Challenge hosted by Mayor Greg Fischer” on the SINE Network. We will “simulcast” the broadcast so we reach tens of thousands of people on multiple Facebook pages, groups, and platforms.

Each program will include Mayor Fischer and a panel of mayors who join an online room to review and consider the application of these emerging solutions. 

Selected ideas will be shared in Public Assemblies to refine and develop strategies, tactics, and resources to scale up, scale-out, and scale deep these social innovations.